Memorials in Bishop Auckland

Memorials in Bishop Auckland

No-one likes to think about what happens when they or a loved one passes away, but there are some important considerations to make when a death occurs. One big decision is how to memorialise that person, and Scott Memorials in Bishop Auckland is here to assist at this difficult time. We know that you want a lasting memorial that can be visited time and again, a beautiful monument to the life you have lost. Through supportive, patient consultation we will help you design the perfect headstone or marker.

We can visit you at your home in Bishop Auckland to make choosing the memorial easier for you. While many of our visits take place in the weeks following a loved one’s passing, we also meet with couples and families who wish to make their arrangements in good time. Whether you are selecting a memorial for yourself or someone dear to you, we make sure all the personal touches are considered, and we offer advice and guidance at every stage to make the process easier for you.

We have been offering high-quality memorials in Bishop Auckland and the north-east for many years. Our experienced craftsmen produce stunning stones that are designed to last for centuries. We can produce custom stones with coloured designs and photographs or artwork, and we also produce traditional headstones and monuments of all sizes and shapes. We make sure that your stone meets the requirements of your local Bishop Auckland cemetery, and that it has a lasting finish and sturdy base to prevent tipping or weather damage.

We offer our services in the historic town of Bishop Auckland, where we have helped many residents remember their loved ones in a special way. We are familiar with the local area and we use high-quality granite, sandstone, marble and Lakeland stone which is in keeping with the style of the local cemeteries. Our memorials can be designed in almost any shape and style, with beautiful sculptures, decorations and adornments to give each stone that personal touch.

We can also rework existing headstones and memorials, for loved ones already laid to rest in Bishop Auckland. Whether we are replacing a stone or simply adding new details to a memorial in situ, we take great care in our work and we retain the integrity of the original design. In the event of damage or weathering, we can also offer restoration services that get the memorial stone looking like new.

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