Memorials in Stanhope

It is an indescribably difficult time when a loved one dies. And handling the many affairs that arise can be overwhelming when you’re grieving.

One of the many tasks for bereaved people to undertake is choosing the right memorials to mark the resting place of the deceased. This is no small matter, as it is the icon that will immortalise the memory of your loved one.

Scott Memorials is here to help the bereaved in Stanhope with this task. We have a long history of helping people find the perfect headstones, and we know how to guide our customers through the decision-making process. Our compassionate, hard-working staff can make this task a less daunting one.

What we do

At Scott Memorials, we know that everyone is unique. The location of the planned memorial is important, as is the personality of the loved one who has passed.

We are committed to centring the whole process around you, helping to produce the memorial that suits your needs perfectly. Whether you favour a modern, striking headstone or a more classical, sophisticated gravestone, we can find what you need.

We also provide religious imagery for memorials if that is appropriate.

Our dedicated Stanhope team

Our staff have a profound understanding of the people of Stanhope. We serve our residents with the utmost compassion and kindness and have established ourselves as one of the North’s foremost monumental masons.

We are proud to be a part of Stanhope’s history. The local heritage is apparent in the stunning Stanhope Castle, as well as the famed Agricultural Show that has run annually for nearly two centuries. The culture of Stanhope is rich, and at this difficult time, we hope you find some comfort in the knowledge that your loved one helped make the town what it is today.

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