Memorials in Tyneside

Memorials in Tyneside

When making arrangements for a memorial, you need the advice and guidance of an expert. Scott Memorials are here to guide you through the process of choosing a memorial, and we are here to help you make the right decision. Talking about the death of a loved one is never easy. But we have been helping the people of Tyneside create lasting memorials for many years. Our headstone designs can bring comfort long after someone has passed and our memorials help become a monument to the legacy of that lost loved one.

When you are looking for memorials, Tyneside residents need a reliable, skilled stonemason who can make any vision a reality. We help you choose the perfect tribute to the person who has passed on, incorporating those little touches that make a headstone special. From favourite quotes and touching prayers to unique photographs and artwork, we can work with you to create a special place of remembrance, where you and your family can feel close to the person you have lost.

Our headstones and monuments can be shaped and finished to almost any style. We use high-quality sandstone, marble, granite and Lakeland stone to produce many designs and effects that will match any taste. We work closely with the cemeteries in Tyneside that allows us to assist with the finished design. We will help you keep your memorial in line with cemetery rules and requirements. We also offer touching up of existing monuments, including new inscriptions for family plots and repair of weather damaged stone and replacement lettering.

Having served the whole of Tyneside for many years, our skilled masons have established a fantastic reputation. We are friendly, sympathetic, patient and understanding. We know that talking about death isn’t easy, and we know how tough the first weeks and months following a loss can be. However, we firmly believe that placing the memorial or headstone can give a sense of closure and peace to a family, and we are proud to have helped so many families create a cherished monument to their lost loved ones.

Scott Memorials can post our brochure pack and order form and offer a home visit to consult with you on your choice of stone, and we will do this at a time best suited to you and your family. We encourage family members to work together on the finished monument and create a design that best pays tribute to their relative or friend. We also visit couples and families who wish to make their arrangements long before they pass away. This process can save your family the pain of making a decision right after you die, and it gives you a final say on how people will remember you with a memorial of your choice.

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